Totino-Grace Fine Arts Academy

Virtual Band Lessons

If you're like Mrs. Haut and need a slight motivational push (or just miss actual band lessons!), I'm happy to let you know I will now be offering virtual one-on-one band lessons. If you would like to sign up for an optional lesson(s), please this PDF on how to sign up.

Here are a few fast facts about lessons (see the PDF for more detailed info):

- Lessons are optional (but students will be given credit for one lesson on Educate). There is no cost for the lessons

- Lessons run Monday-Friday

- We will work on lesson books, solos, and group band music

- We will use Zoom for lessons (unless otherwise requested). When you sign up for a lesson, parents will receive a Zoom link via email.

See the PDF with sign up instructions and more detailed information.

Contact Mr. Saathoff for Orchestra Lessons


PRO TIP: This program works best on the Google Chrome Browser

  • Go to

  • Login - username should match the name indicated on the TGFAA registration you filled out in the fall:

    • USERNAME: firstname.lastname

    • PASSWORD: svdpband

  • Click on your student's class

  • Click on the assignment you would like to complete

  • For a book related assignment:

    • Click the link in the right corner that says "Open in PracticeFirst

    • Make sure your instrument is selected in the drop down menu in the right corner

    • Practice

    • Enable your microphone if prompted

    • When you're ready, click record. Don't worry about the red bar - just play and it will follow along

    • When you're happy with your playing, click submit and you're done

  • For a theory/scale assignment

    • Read the instructions for the scale listed and practice the scale. You can use your book, the internet or any other resources you can think of to help you

    • When you are ready click record and play what was indicated in the description

    • Submit when you are pleased with your recording

  • For a group band assignment

    • Click the hyperlink in the description to open in a new tab. Check the description of the assignment to see what parts of the song you are asked to play.

    • Get out your sheet music that matches the song

    • Click record

    • Go to the open window with the song track and hit play

    • Play along. When finished, go back to the recording and click done

    • Submit when you are happy with your recording.

    • PRO TIP: playing along with the track is sometimes easier to hear with headphones on


  • Download MusicFirst App from the app store

  • Open app and when prompted for the URL, enter "tgfaa"

  • Make sure to allow access to your microphone

  • Proceed with the regular online instructions above