Kindergarten General Music


On this page, you will find resources and activities that your child can use to reinforce the concepts that they have been learning in music class!

~Miss Kroehler

Poison Pattern!

Just Sing Body Percussion Routine

Rhythm Review+ Ta-Ka-Di-Mi

Ta-Ka-Di-Mi Practice

Star Light Star Bright

Play "Poison Pattern" with Miss Kroehler!


Steady Beat

Students can continue to practice steady beat by listening to any song and clapping/tapping/marching along with the song! Try mixing slow and fast songs and have your student use the musical words: Largo(slow) Moderato(medium) and Presto(fast) to identify the tempo(speed) of the song

Rhythm Practice

In Music Class, your students have been learning about quarter notes and eighth notes (Ta and Ta-Di). Students can click through the slide show below and practice reading and echoing the rhythms!

Kindergarten Rhythm Practice

Solfege Practice

Songs to Sing and Dance to at Home

Musical Read Alouds

Check back soon for more musical stories read by Miss Kroehler!